WALTHAM was formed in 1999 by the Pino Brothers. After a decade of playing the genre of music known as Nu Metal the brothers decided to abandon the trend and pursue the style of music they grew up on. Back in 1997-1999, 80’s music was still being frowned upon by the post grunge music scene. Everyone from local bands to radio DJ’s would make fun of 80’s bands or individuals with the hair cut known as “The Mullet”. The mid to late 90’s in New England was a Twilight Light Zone like era in pop culture where if “Living On A Prayer” or “Don’t Stop Believing” played on the jukebox… it was not cool to get excited and sing along. It was in this climate that the brothers decided to cut their hair into mullets and entertain their friends by performing original music in the vein of artists like Rick Springfield, Eddie Money, 38. Special and Journey, .. bands they were still fans of regardless of the trends. What started as a simple gesture to entertain their friends quickly turned into sold out shows all over Boston and a Boston Music Award for “Best New Band”.

The buzz quickly brought about Record Labels from all over the country but the challenge was always figuring out how to market WALTHAM to program directors. Due to their throwback sound Record Labels both loved it and were discouraged by it. Eventually time would pass and bands like Jet, The Darkness, The Vines, The Strokes, and The White Stripes started to emerge giving WALTHAM a new sense of hope but by then the group had lost its members and went into a hiatus.

The past 10 years has found the Pino Brothers in new ventures like oldest brother Frank opening a Tattoo Parlor in Boston called “PINO BROS INK” and starting a new band called USA! USA! USA! , meanwhile the youngest brother Dave Pino become a touring musician for bands like POWERMAN 5000 and ANDREW WK.

In the year 2013 the brothers decided to get the old band back together in a “Still Crazy” like moment and produce a record they felt was going to reignite the magic of the Waltham experience. This is the sound of the band 10 years later never giving up on their vision and passion for early 80’s rock.